Tuesday, June 16, 2015

WEEK 37!!!!!

Hi, Mom. It's SO crazy to think that in a couple of weeks, not only will I probably be training, but I'll have 9 months total in my mission! It's insane how fast the time goes by, especially when we're losing ourselves in the Work. I can't lie, it's extremely hard not to get discouraged and depressed here, but I honestly love it here, more than anything. However, I can honestly do without everyone, including my companion, to stop treating me like I'm some kind of rare creature, just because I'm a non-white gringo. The attention I'm okay with, but the way they're giving it to me makes me feel a little... Uncomfortable. Obviously, I don't know how to speak Spanish 100%, but I know enough to teach, preach, and express my own thoughts, as opposed to the people here speaking to me through my companion (which, to me, makes zero sense, considering he's from Peru, and knows hardly any English. But, whatever, I guess. Beggars can't be choosers, as they always say. I haven't received any mail for a while, but it's not your guys' nor my fault. The mail system here is pretty unorganized. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I end up receiving a truckload of mail that'll end up being sent back to our house after I finish my mission, hahaha! My companion is asking me if I can ask you guys to send me a quadruplet (Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Pearl of Great Price) as a gift. I told him that I could try, but I also told him that I highly doubt that it's going to arrive here without having to wait a minimum of 3 months. Just another trial to add to the collection that I already got. But, as the Scriptures dictate, there is Opposition in all things. The reason I say that is because we contacted this family last week in a neighborhood, called "The Forgotten Neighborhood", which consists of a really nice couple... And their 8 children. We gave them "The Family: Proclamation for the World", came back, and the guy proposed (before, they were only an unmarried couple, but now are engaged)!!! It just goes to show that when we give it all we've got, and just a little bit more, the Lord paves the way. He prepares those who, at this time, are ready to receive the Gospel in their lives, in order to bless those around them - especially their families. The best part is that the mom and half her kids attended Church last Sunday! They said they really liked it, and plan to attend next week, too! Hopefully next time, with her (soon-to-be) husband, who unfortunately had to work last time. I can't wait to help this family get baptized, and enjoy the blessings that I know God has in store for each and every one of them. I also can't wait to find out who else at this time is just waiting for us to come and knock on their door, and share the blessings that come from the Gospel with them. But, I shouldn't get too impatient, because after all, these two years of my mission aren't my time. They're the Lord's time. I love you guys so much, I miss you guys, but I can't wait to come home in 15 more months with tons of awesome stories and memories to share with you guys and everyone else. Till next week, take care, pray often, and may God be with you!

Con Sinceridad y Amor,

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