Thursday, June 4, 2015

WEEK 32!!!

So, recently, we've had a couple of changes in our zone of Kennedy, which include the fact that now, my companion and I are in the same district as the Enfermeras (Medics), and our new district leader is also the secretary of the Mission President! It's been a bit tricky so far, because he THRIVES off of order and organization, which is a little bit of a hassle. The reason I say that is because we asked him if he can help us out by giving one of our investigators an interview, so we can know for sure what it is that we can do, in order to help her (because he has the authority to do so, as our District Leader). But, what ended up happening is he set a Baptismal Date for her without us knowing until late that night. So, we had to have a discussion with him about how that was really NOT okay, and we already had a Baptismal Plan ready to present to her. To be honest, I don't know why it's so hard to ask someone for just a little help (especially one of our District or Zone Leaders) without them doing OUR job in OUR sector FOR us. But, whatever, I guess. I just have to remember that I'm a missionary, and as such, I'm not one to invite any feelings or thoughts of contention.

Nothing special has happened this past week, other than we're starting to find more people that the Lord has prepared to receive the Restored Gospel at this time. Right now, we have 11 Partial-Member Families that we're teaching, and they're all excited to know and learn more through our lessons, as well as our personal testimonies that we have in this true Church and its teachings. "Ask, and ye shall receive", as it dictates in the Scriptures. I testify this week that not only does God hear and answer our prayers, but through dilligent obedience to His laws and commandments (such as reading and studying the Scriptures, and praying always), it becomes almost miraculous just how soon and how often we are able to receive answers from our kind and gracious Heavenly Father. Take care, I love you all, and may God and His Holy Spirit be with each and every one of you!

Con Sinceridad y Amor,
Elder Conner Duane Parke

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