Thursday, June 4, 2015

WEEK 35!!!

Hey, Mom. Glad to see and hear that everyone's doing okay. I can't believe that Leilani's already graduated! Where has the time gone?!? Also, Nika looks EXACTLY like you in all her pictures, wow! She's not that little pest I used to know... Hahaha, just kidding. But seriously, I can't believe how rapidly the time is going by. Let all those guys know that I miss them all up there!

In a couple of weeks, our mission gets a bunch of new missionaries!!! I’m excited for this to happen!

It's in my opinion been some of the hardest days that it's been specifically this past week, because I miss you guys more than absolutely anything in the universe. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not thinking about all you guys, and honestly wishing that I could've been more of an asset than a burden. I especially wish I could've been a better example for the kids than I was. I couldn't feel more sorry for them, and for not being there for them sooner. But also, I wouldn't trade the experiences that I've had so far in my mission for anything. Even though it's been ridiculously hard, I've gained more humility, more love, and more respect for any and all those around me, and especially for my Lord and Savior, and for all that He has been SO kind to give me. It's hard not to cry from how hard it is and has been, but it's also hard not to cry out of joy from simply having the opportunity to be here. I love you guys so much, I miss you all, and keep pressing on! As long as I can, I know you guys can, too! I love you!!!!

Con Sinceridad y Amor, 
Elder Conner Duane "Poderoso" Parke

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