Thursday, June 4, 2015

WEEK 36!!!!

Hey, mom. Hope everyone's doing okay this week. I'm not gonna lie, I was expecting an e-mail from you guys, I miss you guys a TON. So, before I forget, it would seem that I am the missionary with the longest duration of time in my zone of Kennedy, according to my companion, our companionship won't be lasting for too much longer. I'm taking his word, but I also have my appropriate doubts, because (I don't mean to brag, but) we are SUPPOSEDLY the most successful companionship in our zone. But again, if we get transfers, we get transfers. It's part of the mission, I say, and I'm not one to question the Will of God, either, haha. Nothing too special has happened this past week, except we have another scheduled Baptismal Date. His name's Franklin Barrezueta, he's 75, and the challenge we have with him is he also has joint pains, which make it difficult for him to attend church consistently. But, he has a LOT of faith in the Lord and Savior, and is willing to do whatever he can to Come Unto Christ, and "be perfected in Him." We gave him a Blessing, but like we told him, "we're just vessels of the Lord's work. If he wishes to be healed, it's up to him and his faith." Honestly, I have no doubt whatsoever that he's going to be healed with the faith he has. He's a good guy, but he's suffered a good amount, especially because of the cancer he has. There's only so much we can do for our investigators, but I know that so long as I'm doing anything and everything I can, these people will come to know and understand that we are messengers of the truth, and representatives of Jesus Christ, here to help them come closer to Christ, and be able to bless their families, as well as any and all those around them. For now, that's all for me this week, I love you guys a TON, and every day, I'm thinking about you guys. Take care, pray often, and may God be with you "till we meet again" AKA next week. Love you guys!!!

Con Sinceridad y Amor,

Elder Conner Duane "Poderoso" Parke

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