Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 73

Hi Mom

 Balzar's very known in this mission to be one of the hardest branches/wards to help get together, so perhaps that's why they put me and my buddy Elder Reilly here together, to see if we can work some magic here. So far, it's been working for the most part. The Branch President's got a lot of trust in us for all of the work we've put into helping him and the rest of the presidency.

So, yesterday was one of the most "unique" Sundays that I believe that I have had here in Balzar - if not, my mission. In the morning, after Sacrament Meeting, the little 8-year-old girl of our branch's first counselor fell after running around outside. She went to her dad, and then (out of NOWHERE) goes to me, begs me for some of the candy she knew I bring on Sundays to Church, and then begged me to pick her up. Super adorable kid, but it was totally out of nowhere that she went to me, haha. Later that evening, we had Branch Council. Our Relief Society President, for whatsoever reason, brought her nutcase daughter with her (who, by the way, went BALLISTIC the week before about not being able to use the Church's wi-fi to Skype Call her relatives in Spain. She's NUTS). Anyway, when we tried to schedule visits with her, she got all ticked at us. Whatever, we got too many women members here already, Elder Reilly and I say to each other, haha! She doesn't want to have as much success in her organization and calling, then she can't say later that we didn't try to help her do so. Oh well, just she'll just have to wait and see until Elder Reilly and I already get transferred away.

I've been including a lot in my prayers lately if God can help me find opportunities here in Balzar to loosen my tongue, and to touch the hearts of the people here, so that they can recognize us a little more easily as the servants of God that we both know that we've been called to be. Like the other missionaries have told us, it hasn't been the easiest place to work, but that hasn't stopped my companion and I to take a few initiatives, and show the members of this branch just how much we mean business. On my mission, I've learned more than anything about patience, perseverance, and the hope that there are blessings in store for those who sacrifice. I'm really grateful that we got to see this amazing couple get married (who Elder Reilly has been teaching since he got here 5 months ago, haha), and if nothing crazy happens, they'll be getting baptized this coming Saturday! We admittedly haven't been having the best of luck with contacting and finding new people to teach, but each day is a new day, filled to the brim with possibilities. I've been more than grateful for the love and support from everyone, and for the prayers. I'll be sure to send more pictures super soon, but it just slipped my mind to bring my camera cable again, haha! Sorry guys, but I'll promise to make it up to you. Until next week, just remember that Jesus WILL give blessings in due time (Moroni 7:33). I love you guys, take care!!!

Con Sinceridad y Amor,
Elder Conner Duane "Poderoso" Parke

PS: I won't call "Arrow" Oliver, simply because I have a Recent Convert here in Balzar named Oliver, hahahahaha! Also, I'll leave the girls to call him Olly. Regardless, let that cute little guy know how excited I am to see him welcome me home in less than 7 months!!!

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