Thursday, October 23, 2014

Almost outta here!!! (WEEK FIVE) 8/23/14

Week 5 of 6, and in about 11 days, I head off to the ever-wonderous Mission Field in Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador!!! I'm more excited than ANYTHING to be able to get out there, and preach to the wonderful people there - in the fantastic language of Spanish - about the Everlasting Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ!

I'm not gonna lie, it's been tough, being away from home, my family, my friends, and just about everything I have come to own and love. But, I know both in my heart and in my soul that what I'm doing is the absolute right thing to do, devoting 2 years of my life to show my Lord and my God just how much I love them, and how much I desire to bring more of God's children closer to Him. Now, on to answering some questions.

My favorite food at the Mexico MTC/CCM so far are the Chicken Strips. However, they have these AMAZING ice cream bars that they occasionally serve called "Paradise", and believe me when they say that they have that name for an exceptional reason.

It's been surprising easy for me to do my own laundry, and not just because the washers and dryers here are the exact same models that I have at my house back in Meridian. Best part is all I've needed to buy in terms of washing my clothes are some bottles of Liquid Detergent at the store they have here, and one bottle takes care of both my Whites and my Colors. So it's been surprising, extremely easily to wash and take care of my clothes.

Out of the discussions that we've had so far, I would have to say that my favorite would have to be concerning the very first time you get to talk with an investigator, because I learned that if you're able to combine your choice in words, with the Spirit that you have to be EXTREMELY careful when trying to invite into your conversations, then you can sometimes make a convert out of an investigator within even the first or second visit.

The most important things that I personally have learned so far as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are the Power of Prayer, and the Power of the Spirit.

This has unmistakably been one of the toughest 5 weeks that I have ever had to endure in all my 19 years of life on this Earth. But, I know with all my heart and with all my might, that so long as I have faith in my Savior, so long as I immerse myself in His work, that anything and everything is going to be alright. Before I know it, it'll be 1 year after I've left, and even 1 month before I come home. I'm so grateful for all the love and all of the support that everyone I know has been giving me since I've left on my mission, and I couldn't be happier to be out here doing what I know I've been called by my Heavenly Father himself to do.

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