Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9 2014 (Week Three)

Dear Madre,

I am doing quite exceptional here. I am glad to hear that you guys are doing fantastic as well. It's still pretty warm here in Mexico City, other than a cold front yesterday which dropped the morning temperature to 50 degrees! It's still surprisingly green here at the CCM (MTC), palm trees and all, hahaha! I got called to be the Co - Zone Leader of Zone 10 last night, and if I can just say, it is a privilege to have this new calling :D If you can, tell Auston (and Nika)  that I'm giong to take a special picture that I'd like to send to you guys next week when I have more time to talk, as well as send tons more awesome pictures! I've already made a lot of great friends here made up of basically my entire District, especially my flippin' awesome companion, Elder Badham. Our District is infamous for our Ping Pong Prowess, and we've been both loved and feared for each of our skills and contributions on the good ol' tennis of tables. ;) Tell the kiddies (if they don't get my reply snail-mail letters) that I really appreciated their letters. It means more than they know, hearing from them while I'm away. I understand that it can only get more challenging from this moment on in my mission, and the only thing I ought to do is immerse myself in what I should be, which is the Lord's work. I have admittedly gotten homesick more times than I could count, but so long as I remember why I'm here and not there, the time will go by faster in no time, and I'll be home before I know it. I love you guys so much, and always remember that I mention you guys in the dozen prayers that I say each and every day. I love you and miss you all, and can't wait to hear from you guys again next week!

Elder Conner Parke

P.S.  Try to see if you can have some Scripture Study with Auston. I think it'll really help him out. In addition, I'll be sure to mention him specifically in my prayers. Even though he's gotten rough and chipped on the outside, he's still that sensitive, lil' white boy of a younger brother deep inside. What I personally think he needs to do is build up his Spirit and Testimony, and learn to be more humble and teachable. I understand that it can be hard where he is, growing up with all those kinds of changes and thoughts racing through his head, because I was in his exact same position.

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