Friday, October 17, 2014

SEMANA 4!!!! (WEEK 4) 8/16/14

Hi Mom (and everyone else, LOL)!!!

I am swell. I'm just chillin' with my companion, writing you guys. I'll let you in on a bit of a secret... The members of my district are kinda jealous of the four letters that I've got from you guys so far, haha! They're even jealous of the swag-filled picture of Auston that he sent me.
Today, my district and I get to go to THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!! ... Well, the Visitor's Center, anyway, because the temple here is under renovation :/ It was fantastic! I took some really great pictures that I'll be sending in some other emails. I kinda wish we were able to go into the actual temple, but it was still a ton of fun to go to the Visitor's Center.

I bought a couple gifts for Auston and Leilani. I was gonna find something for Nika, but I couldn't find anything "unique" enough, haha! But, I'll be sure to get her something that matches her sparkling personality, hahaha!

Here are the pictures I took of Auston's and Leilani's gifts. Auston's is a t-shirt that says he's an Aaronic Priesthood holder (in Espanol, haha), and Leilani's is a Future Missionary tag meant for girls (Hence, Misionera). Hope they'll like it when I'll get to find the time to send them back to you guys!!!


I absolutely love my calling as a Zone Leader. My district, as well as the newer district, think my companion and I are the bee's knees ( O_O I did not just say Bee's Knees... )

Yesterday, I got Auston's letter and school picture. My district says he looks NOTHING like me when I showed it to them, haha! I'll keep it in my wallet, along with any and all the other pics that you guys will send me. I cannot believe that it's Week 4 already! Time flies SO quick, it's RIDONK! 

I miss you guys. I've had more trials here, in these four weeks, than I've had in the 11 years that I've had with you guys.  It's been unmistakably hard being here, away from you guys. But, I took what mom told me to heart. All of this will be completely worth it. I pray about you guys each and every day that I've been gone. I pray at least 10 times EVERY DAY since I got here, so yeah!  I know in my heart that the Spirit and the Love of my God is with me as I take this fantastic journey. I love you all! Have a fantastic day!!!

Elder Conner Parke

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