Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2 2014  (Week Two)

Hola, mi familia y amigos en Idaho!!!

First off, I'm gonna answer the questions I've been asked.

1) My companion, Elder Tyler "Batman" Badham, is one the most AWESOME MTC companions (even though he's my only MTC companion) I have ever had the epic pleasure of being roommates with here. We even share the common trait of being half-Pinoy! Also, all the Native Speaking missionaries and other people here call him "Elder Batman", which I personally find to be the greatest thing ever to make me laugh here, in this first week (even though he prefers Superman any day, lol).  And, as a matter of fact, he's even the District Leader, which technically makes me his "assistant". But yeah, he's a really epic guy, and I couldn't feel more awesome to have him as my companion here. :)

2) The food here isn´t all that bad, but I'm not gonna lie, it could be better. By this, I mean that I've already got a couple of "indigestion issues" from it, and I heard that that's pretty normal for the food from around here to do to you, so I can't complain, unless I'd rather starve, hahaha!

3) I am doing FANTASTIC here. I've made a lot of friends, I've picked up the language surprisingly well for only my first week here, and I even got to be a part of two blessings (one for an Hermana in my district, and one for my sick teacher, who came to my companion and I of all people for a blessing). Even though I have admittedly felt homesick a good few times, I'm still glad that I'm here, doing the Lord's work :D

4) PLEASE do not touch ANYTHING in my room until I get home. I don't have anything AGAINST it, but I would really rather come home to my room looking exactly the way it was when I left it. The reason being that one of the first things I want to do when I get home is flop onto my bed, and take a well-earned nap, haha! I appreciate the selfless gesture in mind, but I'd honestly rather come home to my home-sweet-home-same-old-same-old looking room. ;)

I will gladly like to give a shout out to my family (my mom, my dad, and all my siblings), Brother Siddoway and his family, and the Taylor Family (especially those cute, awesome kids that I was so glad to have the chance to Home Teach before I left on my mission. I'm specifically calling out that awesome kid of theirs, Caleb Taylor, for being SO excited to have me come Home Teach him before I left). I can't wait to hear from everyone while I am out here serving! Even though I am still just training at the Mexico MTC until the beginning of November, I'm still having a blast here, and making every minute count! I love you all, and can't wait to come back with some fantastic stories!

¡Nos vemos! 

Elder Parké

P.S. I can only respond to both e-mail and "snail mail" on Thursdays, which is my P-Day here. So I have to apologize for not replying back sooner! Thank you so much, though, for writing to me, and for the love and the Spirit that I can easily feel here, coming from back home.

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