Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 60 The Astute Adversary

Hi, Mom. So, I can't lie to you guys, I've been a little discouraged lately. The reason I say that is because the Adversary (I prefer not to say his name, simply because he doesn't deserve that kind of recognition) has been on my case, especially throughout this past week. I believe it's because he knows that Elder Wilson and I have been working extremely hard to save the souls here in El Empalme, in addition to having success at doing so. He's been specifically trying to turn me against Elder Wilson and vice versa. But, if I can just remember why the both of us are here, and what we are capable of as a companionship, then I should be okay. I mean, I will admit that it practically shatters my heart that our dog Chloe has Cancer (Lymphoma), and is most likely going to die before I'll even be home. It just goes to show you guys that the Adversary goes at us from as many angles as he can, especially when he knows how weak I am if he attacks me through my family. Just thinking about it while I write this blog post is making it fairly hard not to just break into tears while sitting in a public cyber. I can't imagine how heart-broken my other dog Clark is going to be after his sister's gone. This makes me think of these Preach My Gospel videos that we watch here in the Mission, where one of the missionaries, Sister Voyles, has a brother die while she's serving her mission. She kept going strong in her mission, and I'm going to do the same. The Lord called me to be here in Ecuador, to preach His Restored Gospel for two years, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I love that adorable little boxer more than anything in the Universe, and she will occupy a special spot in my heart forever. Personally, I hope I'll see that little dog again someday, otherwise it just won't be eternal happiness... Not for me. Before I go, I'll be sure to send you guys some awesome photos of the past baptisms that I've got here, as well as some of the insane stuff that I've been eating, just to not end this post on any bad note. I love you guys so much, and just remember: God never lets anything happen to us that we can't overcome. He knows us better than we do, and that does include our limits and our weaknesses. Keep praying often, because I can testify that praying gives me the spiritual strength I've needed while here in the Mission. Until next week, take care guys, and stay strong!!!

Con Sinceridad y Amor,

Elder Conner Duane "Poderoso" Parke

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