Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WEEK 29!!!!

Salutations from Middle Earth! If anybody asks me, no, I have not seen any hobbits, dwarves, elves, wizards, orcs, or gollums. The only thing here is blazing sun, and lots of Spanish-speaking people, as far as my knowledge takes me. But, I digress. What's going on, everyone? Elder Poderoso Parke here, and I would just like to say Happy Easter, everybody! Obviously, today's the day that everyone looks forward to eating lots of chocolate, finding hidden colored eggs, and remembering our dear Lord and Savior, and the life and sacrifices that He made for each and every one of us.

So obviously, I had the grand privilege of not only watching conference while serving on my mission, but I also had the "blessing" of watching conference COMPLETELY in Spanish. So, you guys can obviously understand how difficult it would be to take notes without having the need to re-watch and/or re-listen to General Conference (ALL of it) one more time, just to be able to take notes more effectively, hahahaha! Regardless, my favorite speaker personally during this session of General Conference was Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, because he's just such a powerful, amazing speaker, especially during Easter Sunday. How he can move people by testifying with all his heart about the great and irreversible sacrifice that Jesus Christ made by bleeding from every pore, and enduring agony beyond agony... For all of us.... It's tear-jerking, but it's also so beautiful to both watch and listen to, in any language.

To end things off, I have good news and bad news. The good news is I got TONS  of really great pictures for everyone to see on the blog! The bad news is that my DS card is very, VERY rarely accepted in the computers here, so I'm sadly not able to download and send any pictures just yet. I either have to get a new camera cord and download from my camera, or like my companion did, buy a DS card/USB port converter. Sorry guys, but I promise that I'll send pictures as soon as I can, because all you guys are just looking so forward to seeing my beautiful, smiling missionary face, hahaha. But, until then, I hope all of you guys take care, I love all of you, and I couldn't be more grateful for the Spirit, and the love, and the support that is far too easy for me to feel on this mission. May God be with each of you, in your prayers, and that you may be able to overcome the trials and the tribulations that some of you may be facing right now. Until next week!

Con todo mi sinceridad y amor,

Elder Conner Duane "Poderoso" Parke

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