Monday, August 29, 2016

week 93!!!

Hi, Mom. 

Sorry for writing so late. I had to travel from Duran to Guayaquil and back to Duran in order to have an interview with President Riggins and renew my Temple Recommend (it was expired), so I can attend the Temple this coming Friday with my companion and my new ward of Peñon del Rio. That's right, like my title implies, I got transferred after being in Oramas Gonzales for only 3 weeks. Again, I didn't do anything wrong, it was because President found it good that we had the companions we do, but it would be slightly better for both ends if I simply swapped companions, even though I'm still living in the same house, and still working in the same zone. It's been a little difficult, because my new companion, Elder Ames from South Dakota, is still learning Spanish, he's a little awkward and nervous still (despite having almost 11 months in the mission), and he doesn't seem to be too excited to be here (or at least, not nearly as excited as I am to be here, which is hard to compare to, hahahahaha). Still, I'm grateful to be with him, I love all of my companions, and President did mention to me in my previous interview last week that it's very probable that I will be ending my mission both in Peñon and with Elder Ames as my last companion. For that reason, I'm a little stressed trying to make every waking moment of every day count by teaching, finding people to teach, and helping my new companion become the "superweapon AKA extraordinary missionary" that President believes I can help him become. Prior to that, I've been finding a little more joy from taking a more closer look at the little things, searching for ways to serve the other missionaries I live with (making them breakfast, shining their shoes, etc.) (which I might add has seemed to improve my relationship with them, as far as them telling me how awesome my french toast is). Regardless, I've been trying my absolute best to make my time count. Peñon, I have to admit, isn't the best of wards, and it also makes me wonder how it's still a ward and not a branch from the lack of missionary work. It makes me scared, because an illusion that I've come to know as a tool of Satan during my mission is that the wards I've served in do better after I left, or in other words, without me. It makes me discouraged, but the power of prayer and my personal diligence and faithfulness has been making it easier and easier to endure to the end. Even though my mission has been crazy difficult personally, I couldn't be more grateful to have been given the chance to serve, to become the person I am now, and for the Spirit and love I've been able to feel these past 22 months. I love you guys, thanks so much for the love, the prayers, and support, and until next week, just remember: "Tomorrow will do wonders among you." Take care!!!

Con Sinceridad y Amor,
Elder Conner Duane "Poderoso" Parke

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